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Windows 10 – A new era for Microsoft

by Matthew Brown on Friday, October 16, 2015

Windows 10, Microsoft’s new operating system, that released July 29, could be on more than 300-million PCs by the end of this year. This marks the first free update from Microsoft; in previous years users would have to pay $100+ for an update to the latest software. With an updated business strategy, executive vice president, Terry Myerson, says, “with Windows 10 we think of Windows as a service.” Meaning that Microsoft will now focus on making its profit from device sales, and apps – mimicking the strategy of Apple.

All that to say, should you update?

Adam Brown from PC Place in Regina, Canada says: “If you’re upgrading from Windows 8, it’s worth the update. But if you’re on Windows 7, stick with it – it’s all about getting that start menu back. Windows 10 does look and work significantly better, but be careful because the upgrade process isn’t always so smooth. Some additional features that work really well are the Cortana assistant [similar to Siri]; plus Windows 10 is a cross platform interface, so it works on all devices. Overall, Windows 10 is very focused toward the gaming industry – because the OS syncs with your XBOX and has built in game recording.”

Matthew Brown
Matthew is a student of medicine, passionate about the power of technology; connecting patients and doctors.