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Top Ten Wants for iPhone 5

by Philly on Sunday, October 2, 2011

Really I’m just going crazy with all of the rumors and speculations about what the cool cats in Cupertino are releasing this upcoming Tuesday.  I, for one, have an iPhone 4, and my wife has the soon-to-be-ancient iPhone 3GS.  Both work good but there are a few things that I would love to see in the next edition of the iphone.  So I’ve made a top 5 list of the most needed things for me, based on what I think the next iphone update needs to still be considered the epitome of the superphone.

1. Bigger Screen

The iPhone’s current 3.5 screen seems like a nano screen when put beside the giant HTC screens or even Samsung’s current offerings.  This is a must for Apple to do to stay competitive and increase their cell phone market share.

2. Built in ios Touch Screen Gestures

I hate the home button.  I think it will be much more effective to have the home button replaced with a touch sensitive area that can still be apart of the bigger screen that responds to gestures.  A 3 finger swipe could change apps. A two finger swipe could change pages in a browser and so on.

3. Higher Res  Camera

I love taking pics with my iphone 4. But lets face it.  We know that the quality of the phone could still be better.  For many people having a reliable camera is half the reason for buying an expensive smart phone.  Who wants to carry around a big bulky Cannon 7d to take pics at the family reunion, when they can leave them at home and just bring along their phone?

4. Longer Battery Life

This ones a bit misleading. I don’t think there is anything wrong with the current iphone’s use of battery life, but I don’t spend a lot of time texting and uploading pictures to my instagram account.  Not to mention playing that ridiculously addictive game, Angry something or the other.  My wife on the other hand does, and she tells me she wants longer battery life.  Plus as phones get more advanced and have more processing power, they also need to be less power hungry and more efficient so that your amazingly powerful phone, doesn’t need to be plugged in an amazing number of times a day. Apple does well at this, and i hope they keep it up.

5. More affordable

This will always be a want for everyone that uses money on a day to day basis.  The truth is we hate contracts.  We hate buying our awesome new phones and then being locked in to contracts for years, and not being able to get another phone until our contract runs out.  As it stands right now the phone carriers have too much power over us.  I want an affordable phone that I can buy outright for say 200 bucks, and be free of long contracts.  Then I will be free to buy the next awesome phone that apple releases the following year without having to hate my cell phone carriers guts for making me pay a ridiculous amount of money to buy out of my contract.

Philly is a nationally recognized recording artist and song writer. In his spare time he likes to design concept art and clothing.

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