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The Force is with Apple–iPhone4 Special Edition is Released

by Paul Creech on Tuesday, October 4, 2011

[dropcap]Apple is genius.[/dropcap] You might think by looking at all the complaining  going on (and the stock drop) that Apple has failed in some way by releasing only the iPhone4s today instead of the iPhone5. Wrong, Apple is George Lucas.

For decades you wanted the prequels , but what you got was special edition after special edition. George Lucas repackages, you bitch and buy. Each release had the same story, same actors, same everything, and you would drop the coin for blue ray–just like you did for DVD, the laser disc and VHS before that.  In some closet or garage you have three versions of Star Wars on VHS, and you complained after each release.

Why does it work? Because your a moron? No.  Because George has a golden goose, and each release represented an improvement on that first golden egg.  Well, Apple has a golden goose called iPhone.  The 4Gs is not the 5, if by “5” you wanted it to physically look different.  If you wanted a better, significantly better iPhone, then you got it. Mixing metaphors–Apple has laid an egg, another golden egg, another special edition.  If you wanted a physical resigned (thinner, a bigger screen, a processor that fits on the head of pin–I love it when they fit stuff on the head of pins), just wait.  The rumor sites are already up–I’m hearing January to Fall of 2012.  Sources close to me say the iPhone5 clam shell titanium back is coming, it has a bigger screen and speaks Spanish, and has an even better camera and processor and, and, and….  you will buy it.  But for now, you got to go get the iPhone THX digitally remastered VHS box-set.

Paul Creech
Paul Creech is an attorney living in Houston, Texas. Paul has baccalaureate degrees in philosophy and political science from Utah State University, and a juris doctorate degree from Houston College of Law. He is a former U.S. Marine. Besides the law, Paul's interests include sports, art, and food.

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