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by Tony Creech on Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Technology, religion, fanboys and Walt « Observatory.

great article by the infamous Ken Segall,

my favorite part,

Badly-mannered zealots have been among us, on every platform, for decades — just as they have been in politics. It’s actually more of a human thing than a technology thing.

What’s out of whack for me is Walt’s very first paragraph. For a guy whose life revolves around technology, he expresses a surprisingly cynical view of technology companies

And this,

To say that tech companies exist to make money, grab market share and make alluring products is like saying human beings exist to eat food, have sex and do things.

It’s a little deeper than that.

Every company has a soul. Every company has a distinct set of values that colors its priorities and behaviors. Companies believe in different things to different degrees, including innovation, value, quality, freedom, choice, price, and so on. This unique mix is visible in a company’s products.

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