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Oracle starts to bundle it’s Windows’ spammy adware to Java for Mac Too

by Tony Creech on Sunday, March 8, 2015

Oracle extends its adware bundling to include Java for Macs | ZDNet.

It’s a good thing Java’s become irrelevant enough for me that I never have it installed anymore. Being on a Mac, we’re not used to the far-too-common bundles of spammy adware and junk that most PC manufactures use to make profit on their low-end commoditized hardware. The price of the race to the bottom is this kind of thing (as we see with the recent Lenovo ridiculousness and lawsuit)

From the original article on ZDNet:

For several years, Oracle has been bundling the Ask toolbar with its Java software for Windows PCs, often using deceptive methods to convince customers to install the unwanted add-on.

With the latest release of Java for the Mac, Oracle has begun bundling the Ask adware with default installations as well, changing homepages in the process.

Read the whole article on ZDNet here.

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