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by Tony Creech on Monday, January 20, 2014

Nest CEO makes more promises about keeping Nest away from Google databases | Ars Technica.


Casey Johnston at Ars Technica reports on an Interview Tony Fadell (the CEO of NEST) gave today about the company being acquired by Google, and how that will affect the privacy of NEST users (people don’t want Google, and advertising company that tracks every user of any of its services -yes, like search- and sells that data to companies, to get all the sensor data from the NEST thermostat and Smoke Detector)

During an interview at the DLD Conference in Munich on Monday, Nest CEO Tony Fadell said that the company will make all future privacy policy changes under Google opt-in and that it will be transparent about those changes. Fadell’s statement follows Google’s acquisition of Nest, a smart home products company, for $3.2 billion, which has raised some questions about how Google might put the company—and its data—to use.

“The data we collect is all about our products and improving them,” Fadell said, reiterating a statement he issued about the company’s smart thermostat and smart smoke detector following the announcement of the acquisition. “If there were ever any changes whatsoever, we will be sure to be transparent about it, number one, and number two, for you to opt in to it.”

I am utterly amazed at all the tech press people you are giving Fadell the benefit of the doubt. He has totally no say in what google takes. It’s smart for him to claim google won’t use that info and store it, since it won’t be his fault anyway. the Company will soon be Google’s and Tony’s say won’t be worth the breath he wastes to make his points. Google makes money 1 way – advertising via advanced user information, location, web-history, and soon how often people are home and the temperatures they keep their homes at, how many times they trigger CO2 or smoke detectors, all this new killer data will help them make more money. Plain and Simple.  They give you free email and scan everything you send/receive (that’s why those ads on Gmail’s site are so scary-close to the contents of the emails you get). You are the product that Google sells. that’s their brilliant model.

I’m still of the opinion that Google acquiring NEST is the end of all the good things NEST was and would-have-been. There were companies that made their money two-different ways, and Google isn’t going to switch to NEST’s model. Something will give and one day i’ll re-link to the post to point out how right I was. Will I be the jerk? or will Google?

More and More people don’t realize how much they are becoming a product companies like Google and Facebook sell to companies wanting information or to advertise. It’s a fine thing when I understand you read my email and I choose to let you in order to have the most reliable and feature-rich email on the web, but it’s another when only .05% of users even have a clue that your stealing (they wouldn’t opt-in and would be amazed to hear you take it) so much of their information.

(shout out to 512 pixels, where I first saw the story)

Tony Creech
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