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How Apple Found Its Newest Billboards On The Internet

by Tony Creech on Sunday, March 8, 2015

This is a cool story by Buzzfeed.
I love my iPhone 6 and am an avid iPhone photographer (having an MFA doesn’t hurt) but I’m simply astounded at the quality of these photos. Great enough to go on buildings all over the world.

It definitely makes for a killer campaign (and deviously timed to cut down the new Galaxy S-6 launch and press). This is one of the best Ad campaigns I’ve seen from Apple in a while.

This makes me want to get back to posting my iPhone Photography to Flickr as that’s where Apple found them.

From the full article:

She edited the shot with Filterstorm Neue, uploaded the picture to Flickr (she was taking part in the photo365 challenge), where Apple found it.

Then, they put it on a billboard.

Apple has these photos overtaking their website at this moment and you simply must go see all of them in a gallery at

My guess is that on Monday, when Apple has a new media event, that these photos won’t stay in the main spot.

Read the original article here to hear more of this neat story: Apple Found Its Newest Billboards On The Internet – BuzzFeed News.

Tony Creech
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