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Facebook buys fitness app “Moves” and continues the slaying of our favorite apps by Acquirement

by Tony Creech on Tuesday, April 29, 2014

With App Acquisition, Facebook Enters Fitness Tracking Market – Digits – WSJ.

Facebook announced that’s acquiring mobile fitness app developer ProtoGeo Oy, that makes the very popular (4 million downloads) “Moves” app for iOS. Moves is a fitness tracking app, which first debuted the iPhone and eventually was made available for Android.  Moves uses the sensors in your smartphone to track your steps and automatically tells the difference between your driving, walking, or running. It got popular because on iOS uses the M7 chip in the iPhone 5S, which allows you to run it all day everyday without it costing you battery life. A crazy revolution that actually allowed these type of apps to get useful in a realistic way. I’ve been using it because its a no-lose app and every morning I get a notification about how many steps I took yesterday. odd fun bit of data.

But Facebook bought them and now… i’ll delete it and switch to Nike’s similar app, which makes more sense because I’m a nike+ runner anyway.

I’m getting soooo tired of these big companies buying smaller ones and destroying their apps/worth.  Amazon just bought and ruined the UX of the favorite Comics app in the world.  Everyone’s upset. Facebook isn’t changing Moves anytime soon, but it’s another case of an Ad and Data-Resell company buying a service/app that has your very personal data in it rendering the use of the service impossible for any thinking person. Why would you let Facebook (a company that makes its money by tracking you, and selling your data, and selling your attention in their “free” apps to the highest bidder) know your steps and location 24/7? and what would they want with a fitness app? Creepy city, and info i’d never want to share.

this is up there with Google buying NEST. but NEST was our only chance at buying a worthy smoke detector or thermostat.

Again, tired of these kind of acquisitions. But of course it won’t stop.

Tony Creech
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