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Even Blackberry is tweeting from an iPhone

by Tony Creech on Wednesday, January 14, 2015

hahahahaha. First spotted by The Verge, this is just too funny (or it’s kicking someone when their down, but i’d never do that).

from the article

Whoever wrote this fired it off from an iPhone. You wouldn’t see it anywhere in the regular Twitter app, but companies still seem to forget this stuff is plainly visible in Tweetbot, Tweetdeck, and other clients. Let’s learn the lesson already, everyone. Why was this message so urgent that it needed to be tweeted from a phone?  From an iPhone, at that? We’ll never know. And in case you were wondering, yes, a Twitter app for BlackBerry most definitely does exist.

My hope is that there is a third-party social media marketing company that made this mistake and not that some of Blackberry’s internal team uses iPhones at work.

here’s the pic to prove it:

Tony Creech
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