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Apple WWDC iOS 8 Wish List

by Tony Creech on Thursday, May 29, 2014

Apple – Apple Events – Special Event June 2014.

It’s pretty much here.

On monday morning nerds everywhere will gather to watch the live-stream. Me too.

What could we expect?

The answer, to me, is obviously not hardware of almost any kind (possibly a 12″ retina Macbook Air, but that would likely need the delayed Intel Broadwell chips). The immoral Beard, Jim Dalrymple himself informed us that there’s be no new iMacs or even an 8G 5s.

if there is a new Apple TV set-top box or a “wearable.” I’d be amazed, as it’d be nearly impossible to keep an odd part from leaking through their massive supply chain.

We’re almost certainly looking at an event purely focused around iOS and OS X. Here’s my current wish list for iOS 8.

I hope follow-up with one on OS X soon…

[box_dark] TONY iOS WISH LIST 2014

-Inter-app communication via sandbox-breaking with a user-permission dialog (like the pop-up asking for access to your camera roll)

-An answer to the “file system.” it’s clear that the “invisible” system thus far fails horribly (even with iPhoto and iTunes on the Mac). This leaves the question “what’s next?” Some new way of having the file system more invisible, and more accessible. Like an iCloud documents folder that can invisibly be available with read/write access to all apps. No more making multiple copies of videos, word documents, and PDFs when we try to use multiple apps to play with what would’ve been a single file on the desktop.

– Greatly improved Apple Maps, with an iCloud.com web app and transit directions at the least. A business directory or better search is also sorely needed.

-Greatly improved Siri, with optional on-device dictation and hooks/APIs for third-party apps to plug into (with permission)

– Redesigned Game Center that makes gamers proud, with a standalone game-store to help unload the choked App Store, a section in the game store for Apps without IAPs

-App store improvements around app support. allowing the users to be able to reach the Devs with support questions and bug-reporting. this is essential and will greatly boost the usefulness of App-ratings

-allow devs to build a rate-this-app module into their apps so we don’t need to go to the store and don’t need to be pestered so often

-automatic iOS bug-fix updates, while keeping ‘feature and design’ updates opt-in.

-iCloud storage to match any device’s hardware you’ve purchased. buy 16G phone, get 16G iCloud space free.

-new iWork apps that have collaboration built right into the apps to match the iCloud.com feature sets. Also add a syncing/saving-indicator of some kind that provides the still needed assurance that changes are saved. this is needed on iCloud.com as well. could be a green checkmark that isn’t there when not saved.

-Photo Stream update expanding feature set to “solve” the photo problem. expanded free storage to match device, and unlimited storage of all our photos ever, for $50 a year.

-Aperture for iOS

-FCPX for iOS with a special logging feature for use on-set

-Logic Pro for iOS

– Either a separate Preview app that can sync PDFs via iCloud, or/and syncing for PDFs in iBooks via iCloud

-Special Comic book functionality and store in iBooks, or stand-alone comics app.

-stand alone Movies and TV show app – a netflix streaming competitor could be nice, or a NewsStand for TV/Movie/Music Apps but not terrible.

-Ability for Apps to show video-previews in the App store.

-Ability for Apps to have “live” icons that change and have some widget-like displays and special functions

-customizable buttons in control center

-a special iPad version much more re-designed for the iPad, less of a blown-up iPhone OS.  Split screen multi-app feature for iPads, with drag and drop between apps or a shared file-system where all your pdf apps have all the PDFs on your iPad and iCloud able to be listed and changed without copying ( i know i’m repeating a little)

-Safari faster and with special dev-tools built in.

-Notification Center re-design ditching the “missed” tab and adding in the ability to add special buttons linked to functions like Launch center pro, make the calendar in Today view more like Fantastical, and ability to add certain info (like site analytics) into today view, like a dash of some kind

-ability to delete/say you’re not attending Facebook events in the calendar app (please lord).

-redesigned reminders app with Clear-style swipe actions

-a heavy duty redesign to mail adding advanced features like sorting and tagging.

-a good notes app. they should buy Vesper and make it into the new Notes. pictures, tagging, gestures, archive, markdown.

-tagging of files in general

-a new Post-PC envisioned Automator app that is like google now, and IFTTT and the advanced trigger apps on Android and Jailbreak iOS

-an advanced options  setting in the general settings to open up the power of the Gods to nerds while keeping it simple for the noobs.

-a tutorial overlay/walk-through of features and general use for Noobs like my family (with skip option for nerds). also help menus for all the apps and in settings full of streamed screen casts of how to use the device to do things. our parents need to see how its done.

-healthbook app would be sweet, especially if you can connect many, many devices into it.

-a podcast app people who love podcasts would actually love, improved discovery, bookmarks, etc

– Ability to have a third-party live app lock screen (like a clock)

– third-party access to the keyboard. it doesn’t hurt apple’s keyboard if we could install other types or mods. this could be a great way to see who wins and to buy them.

-international streaming music service that rocks Pandora’s socks off

-siri capable of song-ID, photo-search, and voice recognition

-touch ID API

-Payment software to rival paypal via iTunes account (and which could be joined by hardware in September)

-Greatly advanced contacts app that feels like its made for life in 2014, with CRM-like abilities, card-converting software, linked-in integration, and the ability to choose which information about yourself gets “shared” when you share your card, or multiple cards

-user profiles robust enough for have general child’s account that can’t delete apps but can jump in and out of them, – also will allow multiple iCloud accounts to sync to the device, for family and work devices. also could be solved with Guided Access expanded to whole folders, and the ability to lock/hide groups of apps and folders.

-Built in Mac-mirroring

-iCloud account merging, to group emails together and such.

-Ability to take photos for your own street-views of your home or business and to make them public or private (using location data to verify photos are genuine) crowdsource street view and win the privacy game at the same time

-Quick-Reply ability in notifications like on the mac, –  open for all apps to use in a variety of ways, so you don’t have to leave your current app.

-a home-automation system control for 3rd parties to build on and to connect together via the automator app i mentioned earlier

-safari file-downloads to a drop-box type thing for iCloud

-better control of photos in photo stream, deleting them, adding them, and automatically sorting certain kinds of photos into albums and shared streams, like location specific shots, year-specific, and, of course, screen shots.

-data-use notifications and tracking views built into the OS, so we don’t rely on carrier apps and can get warned when we’re close.

-adding auto-lock and wifi hotspot to control center (might be included in the earlier ‘customizing control center’ one, but alas, i want these.

-full fledged “keychain” app like 1Password.

-Group FaceTime, and advanced group-messaging and file-tied imessaging like in collaboration apps, but built into iOS

-password protected notes, and apps, and files

-on-device screen recording

-built in mac mirroring and special dev and web-dev modes between iOS and apple tv and Macs

-pictures from messages go into photos album automatically with option to use time-based auto delete on them

-share location right from messages instead of Find my friends.

-offline maps


Ok. that was way way longer than I expected. I guess There’s a lot of room to grow. lots of Jailbreak innovations to filter through and to take to mass-market levels, and ideas from Android and Windows phone to do better.

I could  do a whole list like this for iCloud too. but let’s save that.

Tony Creech
anthony thomas creech is Founder of Citadel Magazine. He's a marketing executive, filmmaker, screenwriter, columnist, and university lecturer on film, audio, media, and faith. You can find him at thecreechleague.com