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AOL still exists

by Tony Creech on Saturday, January 31, 2015

AOL Still Makes Most Of Its Money Off Millions Of Dial-Up Subscribers

Wow. If you read Engadget, TechCrunch, or TUAW (which is being shut down by AOL), you may have noticed that they are owned by the elder company we all remember as AOL – America Online, famous bringer of CD-roms with free internet minutes to get America online for the first time. I may have ten of those discs still in my Mom’s garage, held there by boxes preserving the family from when the “next depression comes.”

Well, yes AOL is still around, but I thought that you may like an interested fact about them.

Back in August, Hayley Tsukayama wrote for The Washington Post :

AOL considers itself an advertising and media company. But it still relies on 2.3 million dial-up subscription customers for the bulk of its profits.

The company’s latest earnings report on Wednesday showed that while the firm pulls in most of its revenue from advertising, it still makes the most money off the division that includes those old-fashioned dial-up subscribers.

John Gruber aptly called a spade a spade

They should have kept TUAW and shut down AOL. Jiminy.

He may be right (and I know he’s partially joking). I can’t begin to fathom life back on dial-up internet. Buying a LTE iPhone and tethering is already faster than common wi-fi for most of North America, but DIAL-UP must be like standing in line at Safeway.

Crazy kids these days, with their tech-decks and their tennis shoes and dial-up. What’s next? Going back to Cable television?




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