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by Tony Creech on Saturday, January 18, 2014

Announcing OmniOutliner 4! – The Omni Group.

The omni Group makes some of the best software in the world and some must-have apps on the Mac for those who want to get work done.

I use at least two of their apps every single day, and omni-outliner is one of them. I definite worth-the-money app, its hard to explain everything you can do with it.

Just watch the video, and get an idea of what you could be doing with this powerful app. It’s great for lecturing and storing tons of information and lectures, in an organized fashion, for writing, and many other things. I’ve been using the Beta of this new version and am happy to see it finally of live and public.  The cost of the Omni Apps as well is coming down dramatically in reflection of the new Mac-App Store economy that has brought this $300+ apps down to only $49 for the regular version and $99 for the Pro.

I should point out too the Omni group has found as brilliant way to do UPGRADE PRICING on the Mac App Store!

It only works for previous owners of the Pro versions of the apps (MAC APP STORE VERSIONS ONLY), but, by using a script to search your mac for older registered versions, it can use Apple’s in-app-purchase model for allow me to buy the regular version for $49 and it see’s I have the old Pro-version (from the Mac App Store, not from the Omni store)  installed and upgrades me to the new Pro version for free (meaning that in the end I only pay $49 instead of $99 for the Pro version). I cool way for them to reward previous owners as well as take advantage of all the benefits of being in the Mac App Store – i always buy the Mac App Store versions when possible. it makeslife sooo much easier, and developers get access to better API’s from apple like iCloud and Push Notifications.

UPDATED: January 22, 2014 2:25 PM : I changed my explanation of upgrading to account for my receiving word from the Omni Group that the upgrade process is either in the Mac App Store, or Out of it, via the Omni store. You can’t buy the $49 version on the app store to upgrade an old Pro version you’d bought outside the app store. Here’s their own words to me:

both the old and new versions of the application _must_ have been purchased in the App Store, per Apple policy. We have submitted several requests to Apple to provide a discounted upgrade path, and we’re hopeful that they will change their policy at some point.

Until that time, the only way to receive a discounted upgrade is through the Omni Store; if you’d like to move to the App Store, you’ll have to purchase a full-priced copy from them.

Tony Creech
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