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Weirdest YouTube Videos I found this week

by Matthew Brown on Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I often say that 90% of being a successful artist is not being distracted by the Internet. In this tireless pursuit, I constantly find weird videos on YouTube, and this week I thought I would share them with you.

The first video I found was part of the new KFC commercial campaign, featuring a new Kernal Sanders actor. Upon watching this advertisement, I was left with an unsettled feeling. I am sure they were trying to be funny – but it misses the mark. Firstly, in my opinion, the Kernal comes across as a sex offender. Secondly, who has nightmares about fried chicken [please message me if you do]. Thirdly, why is there KFC in a baking pan next to his bed, it’s FRIED chicken and why is there steaming hot chicken there.

The second video I found was of a children’s show called Oobi and Uma. I don’t have a vocabulary to describe my hatred of this content. However, I now understand why people are humbled when they have children.

Thirdly, is the new commercial campaign from Starbucks which is questionable. They’re converting most of their commercials into 15-second format for Instagram, and their content is specifically designed to make an impact as fast as possible. That being said, the dancing and movement of the actors in many of these shorts leave you with a “what just happened” feeling.

Matthew Brown
Matthew started working in the TV and Film industry directly after attending Briercrest. He now has years of professional digital film and television experience both on set, in the camera department and in rental houses, working for companies such as Disney, and on shows, such as: Tomorrowland, Hannibal and Supernatural. Most recently, Matthew has partnered with Tony Creech and now works as a chief operating officer at Citadel Magazine, and Creech League Marketing Arts.