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VIDEO: Real or Fake? Woman Chased by a Bear While Snowboarding and Didn’t know it

by Tony Creech on Saturday, April 16, 2016

Lots of selfies get people killed every year – search the web for this if you don’t believe me. Vanity kills, to be true.

Here’s a fun example we can all argue over.

Jon Levine, writing for News.Mic,

Selfies — it has been speculated — kill more people each year than we realize. Now, footage taken by a woman in Japan shows how close she was to being the next selfie fatality.

And believe it or not, she almost recorded her own demise.

Here’s a still from her video:

citadel magazine tony Creech - woman chased by bear on video

woman chased by bear on video

“I nearly got eaten!”

Source: This Woman Went Snowboarding While Being Chased by a Bear — And She Didn’t Even Know It


Now the internet disagrees over the veracity of this video (likely fake, says me) but it’s worth the time for us all to check it out and argue over it:


Tony Creech
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