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Interview with Dustan Hlady Conclusion: How is your faith important to your politics?

by Tony Creech on Saturday, October 17, 2015

Here’s the third and final clip of my sit-down with Dustan Hlady for an exclusive interview to ask him a few questions I thought were vital, as he runs for a federal seat in the Canadian Election happening October 19th. The first part where I ask him why he’s running can be found here. The second part where I ask him who his hero is can be found here.

For this question I’d asked him how his faith was important to his politics. Well, actually, I asked him “Is your faith important to you, and how did it effect which party you chose to run with?” But that’s too long for a good title. I think knowing what someone believes and how they approach the deep questions of life can be helpful in understanding their character and how they connect faith to their work, their politics and specific issues. I’ve heard a lot of “faith” talk about the different parties but almost none of it speaks to actual candidates’ personal faith convictions. Often I think the supposed party-faiths give those under the banner false boosts from religious members who haven’t done their homework on the actual people themselves. I encourage you to understand each candidates background and not get suck on false issues like abortion (this is a false issue in my mind in the sense that Conservatives actually use it as a reason to vote for them when they’ve been in power for 11 years without acting upon it – that’s a sign that they use the issue for votes and little else – don’t get used by those issues, dive into what the parties really are acting upon and planning). Again I’m a human and see things as I see them and won’t pretend a lack of angle. Enjoy the interview with another human below – I hope it answers questions you’ve had about Dustan and how he see’s faith.

FYI, Dustan is running in a new Saskatchewan riding called “Moose Jaw – Lake Centre – Langian.” He’s running with the NDP in a race heated over talk of corruption on the Conservative side while Dustan has seen a massive sea change for the riding that at first was seen as a no-chance for anyone not Conservative in the polls. Public talk of infighting and misdeeds of Conservative candidates aside, Dustan is the only one anyone’s really seen knocking on doors and attending events across the riding. That must have a huge impact on the growing tide in his direction to win.

Disclaimer: I’d like to claim I’m unbiased as I’m American and can’t vote in Canada -but I’m all-in for Dustan. He’s of incorruptible character, is the kind of person that bridges different groups together, has long been the voice of the less fortunate, and we’ve had the pleasure of having him write for Citadel in the past.

Tony Creech
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