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-> The Sweethome – my favorite review site for things you buy for your home

by Tony Creech on Tuesday, March 18, 2014


The Sweethome.

You should take a moment today to click this link (above) and visit the Sweethome, brought to you by the same team who started The WireCutter, an awesome review site for Tech.

You want to know what the best thumbnail clippers are don’t you? of course you don’t trust Consumer Reports any more (who would?) and you don’t want to pay to get past the pay-wall.

The Sweethome is excellent at using specialists, as well as Amazon reviews by real everyday customers, and their own testing, to give you not only the choice they think is best, but other options as well (the cheap option, the expensive option, etc).

I really can’t rave about this site enough. it’s young and so it doesn’t have everything imaginable…yet.  I especially like it for things I don’t care too too much about, and would rather just buy their recommendation instead of haphazardly buying whatever I find on the shelf of whatever store I happen to walk into, and later complaining about how junky the quality is and how a handle or part broke after 3-weeks of use.  Review sites are awesome especially for that, saving you from shower curtains that have holes that easily rip. It may not be the “best of the best of the best” in some epic argumentative way, but it’s at least not crap that you’ve wasted your money on. Think about something small for the home, be it a sponge or a french press that broke due to it’s cheap quality, or that you otherwise did not like. Who’d going to do the research to find the best one, outside of hoping amazon carries it and that enough people have reviewed it that you might decide to trust them?

Give The Sweethome a try.

Tony Creech
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