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The Anomaly That Is Pandacorn

by Dustan Hlady on Wednesday, May 6, 2015

What is PandaCorn?

A. Corn designated for Pandas to consume.


B. A mythical mammalian hybrid on par in both creativity and  amalgamation with Napoleon Dynamite’s “liger”.


C. A synth-pop band whose to front members dress as a panda and a unicorn.



When in doubt, pick C.

PandaCorn recently released their new music video for Forgotten Machines, a song about the forgotten threshers, rusted out tractors, swathers and combines that litter the prairie landscape. If you are from the prairies or have driven through our backgrounds you’ll find these heirlooms of our agricultural history sheltered between high grass and tree lines. They were never destroyed. No doubt that when the farmers upgraded their machinery they tucked these monuments just barely in sight as a reminder of our past. My grandfather called these outdoor museums.



Give the Forgotten Machines music video a simultaneous listen and watch.

PandaCorn began when Brodie Mohninger and Megan Nash formed a musical bond that became much greater than the sum of their parts.

Brodie was playing in multiple bands in the Moose Jaw area. Brodie’s blues influence art-rock band Brain Sauce had just broken up.

Megan was slugging it out in prairie coffee shops and small town bars refining her power-folk style and distancing herself from her preteen country career.

They were great on their own but together they formed a sound that was so much more than anyone could imagine. Megan started playing synth and Brodie wrote songs playing the guitar on his lap to put his mind in a different musical space. The result was PandaCorn.

Making innovative music isn’t easy on the prairies. Often the gauge of cool and buzz-worthy is measured elsewhere (Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, etc.) but PandaCorn has carved out a sound that is innovative with lyrics that speak to simple, prairie life. With songs about Moose Jaw roommates, a Swift Current tree, friends who drift apart, parenting, the pressure to leave a place you love to succeed and small city big-wigs, there aren’t many who can’t relate to their record.

And what are the Panda and the Unicorn to each other?

1960979_680261238705268_1301825129_o              964306_10200946945545207_360175036_o

Siblings? Cousins? Lovers? Ex-Lovers? Future lovers? Friends? Roommates? Co-workers? Study partners? Acquaintances? Sworn Enemies? Father-Daughter? Teacher-Student?

We may never know. It’s a White Stripes level secret that will only be guessed through the musical folklore of Saskatchewan arts history.


Dustan Hlady
dustan j. hlady is the founder of Middle of Nowhere music and sings and writes songs for his band, Friend Friend.