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How to Date a Hot Celebrity

by Tony Creech on Saturday, September 19, 2009


How do you date a Hot Celebrity ?

i made a top 10 list to make it easy for everyone else…

10. Be hot yourself… and know it.
9. Knock on her parents door, while she is over.
8. Be funny
7. Be smart (this works especially well if her dad was a pastor and you studied theology)
6. Pretend to have NEVER heard of her and force her to try and sell herself to you and convince you that she is worth your time.
5. Hope to the Lord you drive a 1988 toyota station wagon you can pick her up in.
4. Take her to In’n’Out.
3. Bring back to your apartment to watch the season premiere of The Office.
2. Follow it up with the new hit “Community”
1. Play Halo with her and your cousins till 2:04 am, and be barely able to get up in the AM.

PS. if the only pictures you took were on your cell phone (since you camera got stolen in Hawaii) it might be nice to know how to get them onto your computer and not delete them when you try out ‘bluetooth’ and thought it worked.
Tony Creech
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