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>Review: Flight of the Conchords: Episode 13 (no spoilers)

by Tony Creech on Thursday, January 29, 2009

>I scanned through my list of free On-Demand HBO episodes and saw it, my dream.

The immortal Flight of the Conchords’ 1st Episode to their new and 2nd Season was there, gleaming before me, a comic “new” logo next to the title.  Episode 13 was finally at my fingertips.

Flight of the Conchords was easily the Best Comedy of last year, of a long time, even counting The Office, maybe. The brilliantly funny songs and situations along with genius dialogue and characters of gold has had everyone excitedly telling their friends about the ‘new show everyone needs to hear about’, and has seen something of on YouTube or the Radio.  

Instant cult-following and dedication.  The first show to get me dressed up for a theme party.

Critic-acclaim and mass obsession by fans memorizing dialogue and song lyrics only grew to millions across the globe, for the very first time, spending their days becoming accomplished at speaking with the New Zealand accent.  

Even in strictly conservative circles fans of the Conchords found each other publicly enjoying their comical inheritance.  Standing in line for some “We Serve Starbucks Coffee” at Briercrest College, I overheard a college kid humming the first part of the “Business Time” chorus, and saw another kid passing by finish the line and turn to the other with a look of “you know!” on their face.  It was beautiful.

Episode 13 began and i enjoyed the new Opening Credits, and thought about the many shows like The Office and Dexter that haven’t updated their Opening Credits.

I wont give away the show’s content but here are my first thoughts:

1. …Maybe i shouldn’t have watched this alone, maybe i needed my friends with me to make it funny.
2. The dialogue and Story and Characters are all there and good, but…

The songs weren’t funny, lacked that certain magical “something”, and the episode was easily the worst episode yet. Let’s hope it’s the worst episode they’ll ever make.

Two of the songs had potential, but i sat wondering at how the boys lets it slip by.

The budget was obviously a LOT bigger, and maybe their salaries were big enough that they didn’t care.  It doesn’t make sense: it was written by James Bobin & Jemaine Clement & Bret McKenzie, just like most of Season 1 was, including the awesome “Sally” Opener. 

Still, i am sad to say i expected more (even after being warned that everyone was disappointed by it) That was supposed to be the big Season 2 Premiere? I hope its not a sign of things to come.

The opening song especially put a damper and spin on the whole episode that sadly swallowed up the great story-line and a number of amazing dialogue bits.

Most Critics i’ve read on the episode, so far, all liked it and didn’t see the great divide I found between Season 1, and this opening.  They admit it wasn’t the best-written, but not as nearly disappointed as the crowd of fans i know.

Who knows… maybe when I watch it with Carrie Hilderman and my other devoted Conchord fanatics we’ll all laugh and fall in love with it.
Maybe not.
Tony Creech
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