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85 Knots: Days 15,16, and 17 — Lo Ri Lo Ri Lo Ri Co T (TT) (TTT)

by Paul Creech on Sunday, May 25, 2014

During the glory of springtime many offices are half empty, with each cubical showcasing professional examples of not doing much.  We at the Citadel reject the urge to slide into sloth and instead are attacking the end of the academic year with a ferocity that has never been seen before in the history of man. To that end, today will discuss three knots, each a variation of the last.  Try and keep up.

After a few broad knots, we find ourselves with a conical knot that consists mostly of wrapping the big end around the little.  The variations each add an additional wrap around–result in a thicker version of the last knot.  The base variation is a stylist beast, that I instantly fell for it because of it’s shape. Fierce, asymmetrical, and interesting.

Shirt by Banana Republic, tie by Perry Ellis.


The first variation the Lo Ri Lo Ri Lo Ri Co T T adds an extra wrap around the base knot (as signified by the extra ‘T’) at the end of the knot name.  Because the base knot is basically three wraps anyway, the extra wrap fells excessive, and the look begins to feel like much-too-much.  Additionally, in order to keep the length of the tie acceptable–that is lower than my belly button and optimally ending in the center of my belt buckle, strange things begin to happen to the knot.  First, the height of the knot shrinks–losing the conical asymmetrical shape, as the thinner part of tie is used to create the knot.  Second, the little end gets shorter and more of the length is used in the knot.  The little end can no longer be tucked into the fabric designer label on the back of the tie and can crawl obtrusively across your shirt. Each wrap makes the knot fatter, more unwieldy, and awkward. Of course, you can go out and buy a longer tie specifically for these huge knots.

Shirt and tie by Express.


The final variation Lo Ri Lo Ri Lo Ri Co T T T, is plan unmanageable without a special long tie.  Due to the popularity of big tie knots some tie manufactures are creating longer ties. If done, poorly, as I have done here, you feel like your knot is jello. The look, when done well, is square and boring, and not in an ironic hipster kind of way.  Again, this knot also grew on me throughout the day and may be due for another tryout. What do you think?


Shirt and tie by Brooks Brothers.

Paul Creech
Paul Creech is an attorney living in Houston, Texas. Paul has baccalaureate degrees in philosophy and political science from Utah State University, and a juris doctorate degree from Houston College of Law. He is a former U.S. Marine. Besides the law, Paul's interests include sports, art, and food.

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