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85 Knots: Day 9 – The Victoria

by Paul Creech on Sunday, March 16, 2014

Victoria: the virgin Queen of England, namesake of the State of Virginia, and this asymmetrical knot.  Tying this knot was a lot of wrapping around and not much up and through, and I don’t know if I liked this ride.  The knot has full cone shape, which I started to enjoy the look more and more as the day wore on and on.

The Victoria is no special lady, but I can tell why others might think so.  She is kind of wide and I’m not feeling her style. If you like them wide, deep, and with no flare, then she’s your girl. The Victoria doesn’t generate a lot of interest, just takes up space, is slow, doesn’t score, utterly useless on defense, plays out of position, and doesn’t get back on defense or move without the ball on offense. She’s the guy getting schooled in the poster—-basically the Greg Ostertag of tie knots…I may have let myself run away a bit with that one.

Shirt and Tie by Express. Yes, a lot of my shirts and ties are by Express.  Yes, I own five different blue shirts of only slight variation by Express, in addition to the several other blue shirts of only slight variation from other fabulous shirt makers or clothiers if you will. No, I don’t work for or have a marketing deal with Express. Yes, my wife buys all of clothes. You got a problem? Come at me bro!

Paul Creech
Paul Creech is an attorney living in Houston, Texas. Paul has baccalaureate degrees in philosophy and political science from Utah State University, and a juris doctorate degree from Houston College of Law. He is a former U.S. Marine. Besides the law, Paul's interests include sports, art, and food.

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