85 Knots: Day 7 - The Nicky
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85 Knots: Day 8 – The Shelby or Pratt

by Paul Creech on Sunday, March 9, 2014

Today’s knot is the Shelby, also known as the Pratt, and is very similar to Day 7’s Nicky, with a slight variation.  According to the Encyclopedia of Tie Knots, the Shelby is also known as the co-Nicky, and the iphone/ipad app How to Tie a Tie (free) refers to it simply as the Pratt. We shall rise above the name calling and call a spade a spade, this is very fine knot.

It is symmetrical, full, easy to fold and stylish to wear.  An every day knot for conservative dress, I dashed mine with a small flat dimple to add some flash.  The knot will fill a narrow collar, and gives the appearance being somewhat grander than it is. I gave it a difficultly level of 2.1/5.0.  I’d like to try this with a skinny tie and see the size of the knot, I kept getting larger than expected knots.  More than any other knot I would say this is your meat and potatoes knot, simple to make and the result is the fullness without the fatty gut. Its like gluten-free anything, but it tastes good.

Tie and shirt by Express.

Paul Creech
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