85 Knots: Day 13 -- The Li Co Ri Lo Ri Co T

85 Knots: Day 14 — Li Co Li Ro Li Co T

by Paul Creech on Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Li Co Li Ro Li Co T is the mirror image (absent the starting move) of Day’s 13’s  Li Co Ri Lo Ri Co T.  I added some interest to this knot to show what can be done to change up old favorites.  Today’s nameless soul is another knot that starts with a Co move over the top, which should give this knot a broadness normally associated with knots like the Windsor (See the Encyclopedia of Tie Knots for a discussion of the tie moves). I pulled this knot tight to create a conical shape where normally this knot would have a flat triangular–though slightly asymmetrical shape.  By making the knot tighter it also narrows the knot, which is a better complement the narrow button down I paired with this tie.  Flattening knots, tightening them to make them rounder, or tying the knot looser will all create different shapes and add interest to knots you know and love, but are getting a bored with.  I also created a large dimple by pinching the tie as I pulled it tight.  I prefer to use the dimple sparingly, otherwise it loses something of its splendor.

Shirt by Ralph Lauren, tie by Perry Ellis.

Paul Creech
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