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85 Knots: Day 12 – Co-Half Windsor or the Simple Double

by Paul Creech on Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Co-Half Windsor is Prince Harry to the Half Windsor’s Duke of Cambridge (Prince William).  No, not the ginger hidden in shame in the North Tower as he should be, but the wild Prince of Wales version of the respectable namesake of the Royal House.

The Co-Half Windsor is properly worn with the bottom of the knot pinched narrow to give it a flashy look, and never pitched flat to look like you should be selling magazines door-to-door (Aside: I have the utmost and greatest respect for anyone who can sell anything door-to-door.  If you make your living that way I mean no disrespect by comparing you to an ugly knot–rather I’m comparing the ugly knot to the quality of person who sells a specific good: magazines, door-to-door.  Whether it is the homeless or children, I just don’t abide the practice).  The Co-Half Windsor is self-releasing, meaning you can just pull the little end out of the knot and the thing falls apart like a third world election, a social democracy when invaded by free-riders, or Tijuana novelty pottery (never pick up a two foot plaster Tweety Bird by the head).

If you find the Windsor boring, but want something in its conservative vien, then tap into the CHW.  No promises that it will attract a Duchess of Cambridge quality hottie, but you are guaranteed at least a Pippa level return on investment.   Instructions at the Encyclopedia of Tie Knots or on How to Tie a Tie (free)  iPhone/iPad app as the “Simple Double.”  I absolutely adore this knot, as I think it classes up any shirt-tie combination.

Paul Creech
Paul Creech is an attorney living in Houston, Texas. Paul has baccalaureate degrees in philosophy and political science from Utah State University, and a juris doctorate degree from Houston College of Law. He is a former U.S. Marine. Besides the law, Paul's interests include sports, art, and food.

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