KOREA : flight and arrival
Korean December II: John's Genius

Korean December

by Tony Creech on Tuesday, December 1, 2009

>How to get by in Korea: have friends there that help you get by.

This week marks the end of my time in Korea as a tourist, bumping around Pyeongtaek and Seoul with the Trammells, The Majzoubs, and King Rempel.
I was supposed to leave at 5:40 Sunday evening, but alas, The Creech strikes again, adventure emerges.
A lunch with some key people, an made impression, and then the offer… 
Now I’m staying for a month or so.

I get to spend the next weeks coming here in Korea, spending a bunch of time on my Masters Thesis Project toward my MFA at AAU, soaking up the culture, and spending dear time with friends.  Part Hermit, Part Student, Part Tourist, Part Friend, Part Facebook Junkie.  All good things, maybe.

I get to spend a few days living with Jonny Random himself ( he is Bill Gates, Billy Graham, and Bill Cosby mixed together) before he returns to the Great White North, which you can bet is full of heaven-minded time, much appreciation of his genius, and fellowship par excellence .

I took a long walk on Sunday and almost missed the house church at the Trammell’s because I got terribly lost in some rice fields. They live on the edge of this mega-city-thing, so you can walk under an overpass and into some fields. I didn’t think I could get lost, now I know I can. Humble Pie eaten. Tastes so good… Not. I blame having inspiring music on my iPod, thanks for nothing Steve Jobs you wonderful man… or.. thanks for everything. yes.

Allow me to break down my time thus far: Great Restaurants, Friends, hugs, New Friends, Busses, Trains, Taxi Cabs, Subways, Markets, standing about and chatting with Muhi as John and the girls shopped till they dropped. These are the things dreams are made of.

Also, I ran into the only Korean I know in Korea, by chance, turning a corner in Seoul. A city-area of 25 million peeps, in a country of 48 million. 
We pass through an alley way and Sang-Don of Fender Hall is there in the flesh!  He notices the ever-tall John Trammell, and we meet him and his fiance. How cool is life?

I love getting to see how my friends are living overseas, to see their little community, their place of work, their spiritual and social lives, not to mention their Kindles.

Kindles are awesome. I’m seriously considering one, just to make use of the mountain of PDF books I own on my computer that I would never want to read on my computer screen. Death to eyes! …maybe I’ll wait for the money to start rolling in.
Tony Creech
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