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Korean December

KOREA : flight and arrival

by Tony Creech on Saturday, November 21, 2009
Off the bat, because they noted that I was a single passenger, when spots opened up they called me up and gave me a aisle seat in a three row with another person so that we each had an empty seat between us. Such makes a trans-pacific flight into a dream.

Secondly, they had these first class seats that were literally thrones, the largest I’ve seen, that looked more comfortable than a lazy boy, and were the same size or larger. I actually might consider upgrading my flight home to experience such zen (let’s be honest, I won’t).

Never mind, those seats were business class, the 1st class are even bigger, a desk mixed with a bed. cool

Next, they gave us those nice heated towels that make me feel like a million dollars and had nice and helpful young stewards that helped each person get their bag situated,

The pillows were big.  

Awesomely they came by and handed out Givenchy – socks to put on over your own so you can take off your shoes and relax during your flight.. BOOM this is tops,
This comes along with toothbrush and toothpaste… Am I on a cheap flight or in a nice hotel?  My money feels more worth it on foreign airlines. American stuff sucks.

“Medical situation on board, if there is any medical professional, could you please identify yourself to member of the crew please thank you.”

Watched Julie and julia.. Is it recent events? Is it perhaps the weakness in me, I feel quite strong and happy but I’m almost crying all the way through julie and julia… So human, not necessarily a great film or anything like that, but some deep parts of me are being touched that I can’t really grasp. Just the holding back of tears and the wetness of eyes, ready to pour out saline .

Plus I find Julia Childs sooo cute and hilarious.  Maybe someday I can have a cute wife. That would be fun.   Being alone is also fun, but if my wife was cute like julia, I would love that too.

I want to marry a woman who cooks in pearls. Amen.

Side-note about my script for my Masters Thesis Film: on the flight I watched (500) Days of Summer, and have ran into to a major problem…  The names of the main characters are Tom and Summer… Which were the names of my main two characters…. NO!!!
I guess I need new names… Ouch.

Customs went really fast, thanks to Trammell telling me the info I needed to know, so.. Score!

feels like I’m in KoreaTown USA for the most part so far, since it was night and I simply see Korean signs and enjoy a bus ride with my dear friends.
Me and Jonny Random had a sweet little visit, staying up and eating noodles and being the funny nerds we are. Validation is someone who really really gets you and appreciates your quirks.  There will be much of that between Johnny, the Trammells and I these korean days…  Makes me promise myself not to marry anyone that doesn’t truely appreciate all my funny little quirks
Woke up this morning to a whole lot of daylight. Loooove it. 

Tony Creech
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