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Introducing the 8K DXL Camera by Panavision

by Matthew Brown on Thursday, June 2, 2016

Yesterday, film professionals were blindsided by Panavision’s announcement of a new large format 8K camera. Three companies have contributed their expertise – Panavision in optics and the practicalities of motion picture cameras, RED with their 8K Dragon sensor and Light Iron (post production work flow specialists for the big boys) in colour. The side panel looks very much like a RED camera panel and it uses Panavision’s large format lenses.

There’s a built-in WiFi Ambient ACN timecode transmitter receiver (no one will be recording audio direct into the camera on a big movie set, but they do need to link it up), turnkey digital file handling management, colour management, etc.

The new range of Panavision Primo 70 lenses have internal motors you can drive using electronic contacts in the lens mount – it’s all powered from the lens mount – so you no longer need anything like external focus motors. They can be controlled wirelessly too.

The rear of the DXL. (Source: Panavision)

The rear of the DXL. (Source: Panavision)

It has the huge RED 16-bit 35.5 megapixel CMOS sensor with a resolution of 8192×4320; the diagonal is 46.31mm. Native ISO is 800 ASA and can be set up to 12000 ISO. The camera records 8K RAW and if you want it will simultaneously record a 4K proxy or 4K file in Apple ProRes or Avid DNx.

Check it out, more information to come.


Matthew Brown
Matthew started working in the TV and Film industry directly after attending Briercrest. He now has years of professional digital film and television experience both on set, in the camera department and in rental houses, working for companies such as Disney, and on shows, such as: Tomorrowland, Hannibal and Supernatural. Most recently, Matthew has partnered with Tony Creech and now works as a chief operating officer at Citadel Magazine, and Creech League Marketing Arts.