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Insane 59 Meter Cliff Jump by Laso Schaller

by Tony Creech on Monday, August 24, 2015

I need to get RedBull to sponsor something fun for me to do. They’ve done so many cool things. I won’t list them here, you can go to duckduckgo to search for them. It’s an amazing branding effort that has been as consistent as it’s been entertaining, and no matter what I first thought of RedBull and no matter that I understand all this paid effort to build them a brand for premium thrill seekers (so the safe college kid can feel he’s cool by buying one while filling his late 90’s Camry with gas) – it has worked, and I realize all these cool sponsorships have adjusted RedBull’s brand in my head, raising it’s status by quite a bit.

Anyway, it looks like Laso Schaller got RedBull to pay for and film him taking the craziest cliff jump of doom I’ve ever seen. Looks like a guy trying to leap from a building into a tea-cup. Enjoy it below – I recommend fullscreen.


Tony Creech
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