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How-to: turn your Apple Watch gold (or any other color)

by Tony Creech on Monday, April 27, 2015

My brother’s done a bit of this kind of thing (Paul). It’s seems obvious for stuff like doorknobs and cabinet handles, but doing it to devices is something I’d not thought of. Cool idea if you want to customize your stuff, and if you like gold colored stuff and can’t afford the real deal.

Video below.

Found this on The Loop:

Casey Neistat takes an Apple Watch and does his best to turn it into a poor person’s gold Apple Watch Edition.At first blush, this sounds kind of dopey, but there’s some craft here. While I can’t imagine that anyone would be fooled by this for even a nanosecond, and I also suspect this would instantly void your warranty, I kind of like the idea of custom inking your Apple Watch.

Source: How to turn your Apple Watch gold (or any other color)

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