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First look at iOS 10

by Matthew Brown on Tuesday, June 14, 2016

I downloaded iOS 10 developer version of the software shortly after the Apple Keynote at WWDC2016. Over the past few days, I’ve used the software on my personal iPhone to truly understand how iOS 10 changes the way that users interacts with their phone.

Lock Screen

imageFirstly, the lock screen has been radically redesigned to give you glances at the information most essential to you. You wake the screen by simply raising your iPhone. To unlock the phone, you no-longer swipe to unlock, but activate Touch ID by clicking the home button.


By swiping right, you show your notification panel – which looks a lot like the one displayed imageon OS X El Capitan. Showing that the company is truly moving toward developing a consistent ecosystem where all devices work together. You can edit your notification panel by swiping to the bottom and selecting “edit,” allowing you to choose the information that is most essential to you.

By swiping left, you activate the camera.



imageThe messages app marks a leap forward for iOS. It brings features that are remarkably innovative. I will likely stop using snapchat and Facebook messages to communicate with my friends with iPhones.

The app shows a lot of features that we began to utilize on apps like Snapchat, like drawing imageand text over pictures. It also adds a magnifying glass feature, signatures for documents and animated message features. Using slam, loud, gentle, invisible ink or several full-screen animation effects is something completely new to the messages world.





New and Improved Siri

The new Siri makes sense. It monitors my conversations, and communications to better recommend words. Siri is mostly the same for using the “Hey Siri” function, though the voice seems to be a little bit more electronic.

Not to worry about Siri tracking your actions to help you, Apple has used end-to-end encryption to store that information in your secure enclave on your phone. So Apple doesn’t even have access to that information.

The framework of Siri being opened up to developers means that Siri can help you in all apps, not just opening them but manipulating them.

Overall, I’ve found the artificial intelligence of Siri to be very helpful, and not overly intrusive.

More updates on iOS 10, watchOS, tvOS, and MacOS Sierra coming soon.

Matthew Brown
Matthew started working in the TV and Film industry directly after attending Briercrest. He now has years of professional digital film and television experience both on set, in the camera department and in rental houses, working for companies such as Disney, and on shows, such as: Tomorrowland, Hannibal and Supernatural. Most recently, Matthew has partnered with Tony Creech and now works as a chief operating officer at Citadel Magazine, and Creech League Marketing Arts.