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Can a 100-year-old optical illusion tell you how creative you are?

by Tony Creech on Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Time for a little test – as quickly as you can, what animal do you see first, below?

Now – look for a second animal and time how long it takes you to see it.

This drawing has sparked a huge reaction on social media recently, perhaps not as much as the similar post about the white/gold dress…

Some see a rabbit and others will see a duck – but a better question is: are you able to see both alternatively?

according to Chloe Farand

What you see (and how fast you see it) could indicate how quickly your brain works – and how creative you are.

The duck-rabbit drawing was first used by American psychologist Joseph Jastrow in 1899 to make the point that perception is not only what one sees but also a mental activity.

Jastrow’s research  focused on how quickly a person can see the second animal and how fast participants could change their perception of the drawing to switch between the two different animals.

The faster you can do this, the quicker your brain works and the more creative you are, the research suggested.

During the Easter period, people are more likely to see a rabbit first but in October, seeing the duck first is more common.

When I took it I saw a duck first (though we are in lent) but I could change between them pretty much immediately and recognize the ‘feel’ of this type of optical illusion when I notice it.

There’s a fun quiz/puzzle you can try on the independent website (warning – its in Flash) to see which “kind” of seer you are – although I’m sure it’s about as scientific as a Facebook quiz promising to determine which hobbit you would be -it’s nice to know formally and actually scientific tests on this stuff has really been done.


cool detective that I am

According this test I’m a “detective” because, as I went through and chose the one I saw first as fast as I could, apparently more often than not, I chose the hidden image.

Like quizzes often do, it’s big ending claims to tell me about myself in cold-read-like fake-insight fashion,

That means you have the distinct ability to identify truth. You’re not swayed by optical illusions or illusions in real life. Seeing between the lines is daily an occurrence. You are not easily fooled.

Everyone likes hearing such things about themselves – go see how you do at taking the quiz on the Independent 


Source: independent.co.uk/news/science

Tony Creech
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