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by Tony Creech on Sunday, February 22, 2015

who cares about some dumb awards?

I’ll put this simply.

As Hollywood reels (pun) from film’s latest technological revolution and the age of the internet, they are increasingly scared and filling our local theatres up with junk sequels and “safe bets.” Fifteen years ago or so 80-90% of all features we’re filmed in California, and now the number is virtually opposite.

Besides going deeply into why this is happening the point remains that with all the junk in our theatres, lacking reason to exist outside of the dollars, it’s tough for the average joe to know what’s worth their time.

Here, I’m not speaking to the Oscar winners as much as the quality of all the nominees.

If you, at the very least, catch the Oscars and note the nominees, you’ll have a string of movies that might just be able to speak to your soul in important ways.

I always think great work gets snubbed, and think the academy voters could get kicked in the head on some picks. It’s not about the particular winner or films left out of categories (like The Lego Movie not even in the running to get its much deserved Best Feature Animation award). It’s about the aggregate chance for you to hear about some valuable stories and meaningful biopics that speak to the light and dark of real life. You’ll find far more of them on Oscar night than elsewhere.

You should also cruise metacritic.com

All that said, I love the artwork by Plastic Jesus challenging the Hollywood culture of hard drugs and death – it’s sad that such great films can bring people down into hollywood’s cesspool of meaningless living.

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Tony Creech
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