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Is the New RED Raven Camera Worth the Cost?

by Matthew Brown on Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The RED line of cameras has long been renowned for its high quality and ease of use, and the RED Raven is the latest product in the stable. RED Digital Cinema is already one the most respected makers in the market, and the new RED Raven has film buffs everywhere wondering if the latest features are worth the cost.

RED Digital Cinema is perhaps most well known for creating the cameras used to film The Hobbit, but the company is also known for creating professional quality cameras even armature filmmakers can afford. That tradition continues with RED Raven, a high quality camera by any standards.
red-raven-wifi2-e1442959742713The new RED Raven is capable of filming RAW video at 4096 by 2160 4K up to a maximum of 120 frames per-second. The RED Raven can also film in ProRes at 2048 by 1080 and up to 60 frames per-second.

Even though the RED Raven is designed to be affordable for non-pro filmmakers, it still requires a hefty outlay of cash. Prices at just under $6000 for the body alone, but buyers can expect to spend $10,000+ to purchase the camera and all the necessary accessories.

That is a high price to be sure, but buyers get a lot for their money. The Dragon sensor on the Red Raven camera can also record in Redcode RAW and Apple ProRes at the same time – giving it flexibility that any other cameras in its price range lack.

The new RED raven also include plenty of features typically found on much more costly cameras. In fact, the RED Raven has the same sensor as the $29,ooo RED Epic. To be fair, the sensor on the RED Raven is a smaller version of the one on the EPIC, but at less than one third of the price it is also a great value.

Amateur and professional filmmakers will both be happy to learn that the RED Raven is also one of the lightest and most compact cameras of its kind. The new camera weighs in at just 3.5 pounds, making it easy to handle by filmmakers of all abilities.


RED-oled-evf-14The light weight of the RED Raven also makes it the perfect drone camera. In fact, many accomplished drone photographers are already taking a serious look at the RED Raven, either as a replacement for their existing equipment or as an addition to their kits.

If you think that RED Raven is right for your filmmaking endevors, you can choose from a number of different packages. The Jetpack package is best suiting to handheld shooting and drone use, and is prices at $9750. The slightly more expensive $9950 package is aimed at document and television producers.

All in all, the new RED Raven is an excellent value for the money – easy to use, light to transport and designed for a variety of different applications. Whether you are a professional TV producer or just a dedicated hobbyist, the RED Raven is an excellent choice for all your filmmaking needs.

If you want to be there first on the block to enjoy the RED Raven, you need to act soon. The first RED Raven cameras will start shipping in February 2016, and preorders have already begun.

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