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A bad episode: Flight of the Conchords (no spoiler)

by Tony Creech on Saturday, March 28, 2009


Last week, sadly to say -since there has been some excellent episodes lately- the Concords had a bum episode.

It was called ‘Evicted’, Episode 22.
The basic plot idea was good, great even. Filled with potential, and maybe the easiest setup to write songs for, show’s songs had no appeal and no sense of humor. On top of that, the dialogue was flat and you could feel them try to be funny. The best parts were the short bookends of them doing STOMP like stuff.
Over all, i’d rate this episode below the misfire that was “A Good Opportunity”, Episode 13, because Episode 13 had great dialog and funny story stuff, just with lame songs. Evicted was bad in both worlds, and the saddest part is that the concepts for the situations were so good.
that’s all i really wanted to say… …i guess it was even worse since me and clapper watched it (via the amzing iChat) with his wife too, and so her limited exposure to the show saw little fruit.
It almost has that Murphy’s Law feeling, when ever you try to show people stuff that is brilliant, that thing sucks that day. haha.
Tony Creech
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