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Snapchat Update: Face-Swap With Photos in Your Camera Roll – How-to

by Tony Creech on Saturday, April 23, 2016

Snapchat for iOS recently added a new feature that lets you Face-Swap with recent photos from your camera roll:

You can now use the face swap effect with pictures taken or downloaded into your Camera Roll. Until now, two people had to be side-by-side in the same photo to Face Swap.

With this update, anyone can face swap with any face detected in their iPhone photo library. This not only opens up new creative opportunities, but makes face-swapping with loved ones a lot easier – and we all need that…right?

If you’re new to Snapchat or can’t find this new feature, here’s a quick step-by step how-to from Benjamin Mayo on 9to5Mac.com,

By and large, the new Snapchat feature works in much the same way as existing filters and effects that use face detection.

Before you start, make sure you have photos in your Camera Roll with clearly defined faces — Snapchat will only show images where it can detect eyes, nose and a mouth. Then, follow the steps below.
1. Download the latest update to Snapchat from the App Store.
2. Point the camera at yourself and long-press on your face on the screen.
3. Snapchat should detect your face and bring up the various face detection photo filters options. If not, Snapchat cannot ‘see’ you and you may have to reposition yourself in the frame.
4. Scroll all the way along to the last effect in the row. This is a purple icon.
5. Snapchat now will look through your Camera Roll and find recent photos where it can detect faces.
6. Scroll through the thumbnails and tap on way to activate the Face Swap with the live image of yourself.
7. Press the purple icon to activate the shutter and take the photo, Face Swap intact.

I think this calls for celebration: download a face from the Internet to your camera roll and start swapping.


A favorite “hidden” feature in this update from Snapchat is the death of PAID REPLAYS – where when you try to reply a funny moment from a friend, it gives you the option to only do it by paying for it through an In-App purchase.

Now – ALL SNAPS can be re-played! For free.

It seems paid-replays (introduced last year) weren’t bringing in the big bucks and Snapchat is focusing on advertising as its primary form of monetization. I think most of its ad attempts will fail, where smart marketers would be better served spending money on Facebook, Google, and Twitter. But there is one spot where paid advertisements are super valuable – paid Augmented Reality Placements in the face-detection filters panel. Who can resist being Groot to celebrate the announcement of the start of production of the second Guardians of the Galaxy movie? And the Jungle Book one was fun too -we’ll see if the Snapchat ad pays off.
The new Snapchat Camera Roll feature is available on iOS today.


And no sorry droids…the feature does not yet seem to have reached Android phones (or blackberrys or Windows phones, but you don’t really count if you own one of those since you’d not be reading this…right?)

Tony Creech
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