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by Dustan Hlady on Thursday, December 25, 2014

notfunnyThis IS NOT a funny book

=danceglad THIS IS!


Cassie Stocks had a couple of things on her bucket list. She wanted a pair of Gucci sunglasses, a red convertible and to win a Leacock Medal. She has NOT received the car or the glasses but she won the award with her first novel, Dance, Gladys Dance in 2013.

If you don’t know what the Leacock Medal is, it awarded for the best humor writing in Canadian literature. Cassie’s book is about losers, quitters, drug addicts and sex shop owners. So, yeah… it’s funny.

I chatted with Cassie about writing, the Leacock award, and what it means to be a writer.


ginny“He made me scrambled eggs in his underwear. It was romantic.”


glady “Probably would have been more romantic if he used a frying pan.”


The book is full of funny lines but there are also paragraphs that almost brought my manly eyes to tears.


gladyss“Then one night I got old enough and I died in my sleep. Nothing dramatic, just put on my nightgown, went to bed, dreamed of dancing, and stopped breathing. And here we are.”

Did I mention one of the characters in the book is a ghost? The ghost is Gladys. She was a dancer in the 20s who had to stop dancing. She haunts Frieda, who  gave up being a visual artist.

This book is about art and the threats to it. If you are an unpublished writer, independent musician, basement  painter or YouTube dancer you know what it is like to have the compulsion to create, to do your art. And you do it, even when there is no time and you’re tired and it doesn’t really fit in your life. Sometimes artists quit. Sometimes they quit because they’re forced to and sometimes they quit because it’s easier to work, eat, watch TV, sleep and repeat. If you are an artist in your heart you know what I’m talking about and if you are not this paragraph probably made no sense to you.

If you know an artist who is thinking of giving up, get them a copy of this book. We all need reminders to do what we were born to do, whether or not it makes us money.

Film, Chris, Film!

Sing, Chase, Sing!

Write, Logan, Write!

Paint, Frieda, Paint!

Dance, Gladys, Dance!




Dustan Hlady
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