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Leader.FM Launch – A Podcast for Intelligent Leaders

by Tony Creech on Friday, October 16, 2015

I’m happy to announce the official launch today of Leader.FM, a talk show for intelligent leaders and leadership coaches ready to advance to the next level. Your hosts, executive coach, Dr. Scott Francis and marketing leader, Tony Creech (me), cover leadership development as well as marketing, organizational strategy, and news.

Scott and I have been developing the show since May and are so excited to kick it off – expect new episodes once every two weeks.

We’re launching with a back catalog of 3 episodes from our beta test phase of development, and we’re releasing a brand new episode later today.

LFM 000: Theory of Knowing

Dr. Scott and Tony dig into epistemology and the 'theory of knowing' in leadership. They ask about where you get your information as a leader, how do you determine truth? How do you make decisions as a leader in a world where you rarely have all the information you need? They urge leaders to learn the different languages of knowledge-construction.


Dr. Scott and Tony chat about expectations in leadership, and follow up on listener questions about epistemology. They speak to expectations in strategic planning as well as in reporting relationships and projects.


Dr. Scott and Tony chat about the leadership task of putting out internal and external fires, learning from ICS, and the public storm at Reddit. They follow up on listener questions about tracking expectations and using them for weeding out under-performers.
Tony Creech and Scott Francis, Hosts of Leader.fm

Tony Creech and Scott Francis, Hosts of Leader.fm

Tony Creech
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