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Exclusive Interview with Scott Francis, PhD about podcast launch today – Part 1

by Matthew Brown on Friday, October 16, 2015

I had the opportunity to sit down and hear from Scott Francis, Ph.D about a new podcast he’s starting with Citadel founder Tony Creech.  Leader.FM is a new podcast aimed at engaging, equipping, and connecting with leaders around the world. At his core, Scott wants the podcast to be a dialogue that “isn’t kindergarten” but for “advanced leaders.” As Tony and Scott launch the new show, they will be assessing comments and questions to guide the experience and content. Scott is a PH.D graduate from Gonzaga University, and has been doing executive coaching for more than five-years as his Advanced Leadership Coaching.

In part one I asked him the simple question “Why start a podcast about leadership?”

Citadel is proud to be have a posting deal with to post their episodes here on Citadel, and to include special articles on leadership after they’ve debuted in an exclusive window for subscribers (a free membership to their site).

Enjoy part one posted below, and find out more and subscribe at

Matthew Brown
Matthew is a student of medicine, passionate about the power of technology; connecting patients and doctors.